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Prince Ned Nwoko Antarctica Experience Challenge

In January 2020, Prince Ned Nwoko went on a symbolic expedition to the Antarctica to flag off the Malaria Project. The Antarctica is surrounded by a vast, unbroken and dynamic body of water known as the Southern Ocean, which constitutes about 15% of the world's total ocean surface. Prince Ned's audacious journey to the Antarctica through Cape Town South Africa is truly an expedition to educate the people and refocus global attention to the oldest and deadliest health challenge that has been confronting Africa for thousands of years - Malaria.

Prince Ned Nwoko's made history as the first black African to ever visit the South Pole in Antarctica in a temperature of minus 25 degrees upto minus 15 degrees He mounted the Nigerian flag at the region with the message 'Lets Eradicate Malaria in Africa'. While in Antarctica, he met scientists working in different research-based stations of Russia, US, UK, South Africa, etc. They advised on best practices for the fumigation and environmental clean-up of Nigeria so as not to bring about negative climate action. He also had a meeting with experts from Canadian on aerial fumigation.

The Antarctica explorer Prince Ned Nwoko narrates his experience to the region, the contestants and creators will watch carefully after which they are expected to create a best form of interpretation for his journey in different creative arts genres. The best presentations will win prizes.


- Cash prize ₦2.5 Million,
- Luxury Trip to Mount Ned (private jet)
- Weekend at a Luxury Hotel in Abuja.
How to Enter

Prince Ned Nwoko Antarctica Experience Challenge

  1. Watch the documentary on Prince Ned Nwoko's Antarctica experience.
  2. Interprete the documentary and express your creativity through music, shortfilm, Poetry, Dance, Paintings or any creative genre
  3. Upload link to your content (Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube or Instagram)
  4. Content Must not be more than 8mins Duration.
  5. Share content on instagram with the hashtags #NEDNWOKOANTARCTICACHALLANGE #ZEROMALARIA #WORLDMALARIADAY2021
  6. Follow on IG @nednwokomalariaproject and @princenednwoko
  7. Top 10 best Entries will be contacted for the Grand Finale in Abuja

Registration is closed... Stay tuned...

Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation
Malaria Eradication Project

The Journey So far;

Goal / Vision / Mission


To popularize the antarctica trip and use same to empower young and talented creatives between the ages of 18 and above.


Building a lasting experience that is instrumental to harnessing talented creatives from Prince Ned Nwoko Antarctica Experience.


To provide the best creative grassroots developmental practices using a long term approach for talents exploration.